Silicone coated films and papers –

production facility

Since 1998, Neschen Coating GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of silicone coated films and papers. A state-of-the-art coating plant works with five-roller technology and enables coating widths of up to 1800 millimetres. During and after production, our products are subject to strict quality controls.


zahnradTechnical Specifications

  • Monochrome flexo print
  • Corona treatment
  • Floatation dryer
  • Remoistening
  • Inline edge trimming
  • Coating width: 965mm-1800mm
  • Production speed: up to 400m/min
  • Application head: Five roll application for solvent-free- and emulsion silicones
  • Winding technology: Contact or gap winding possible for single-sided and double-sided siliconised papers and films

Silicone coated films and papers can be cut on a winding machine and an inline edge trimming can be carried out. Neschen offers processing of 3 inch and 6 inch? Rewinding of up to 6 inches is also possible.

Quality control
during production


  • Silicone covering
  • Coating weight
  • Silicone curing
  • Silicone adhesion
  • Flatness
  • Content release force

Siliconised films and papers by Neschen Coating

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