High-quality, cost-efficient coating
and converting solutions

Discover a wide range of high-performance solutions: Thanks to our many years of experience, Neschen develops customised coating solutions for a variety of market segments. These range from surface finishing in automotive manufacturing to applications in the medical field. With our water-based adhesive solutions we coat films, papers or textiles with permanent or removable formulations. Customisations such as finger lifts, perforations or small batch sizes are also included in our range of services.

Application areas of our coating and converting solutions

  • Composite materials used from the furniture- to the construction industry
  • Incision films for surgical procedures
  • Self-adhesive media for hobby, arts and crafts
  • Laminated films for the packaging industry
  • Textile transfer films for textile manufacturing
  • Adhesive solutions for the electronics industry
  • Applications in interior design and decoration
  • Functional coatings like barrier coatings or primer



In addition to already established products on the market and the constant new developments, the range of high-quality industrial solutions is continuously being expanded.

For our industrial customers, we are therefore constantly looking for strong, reliable partners with products of outstanding quality,
that stand out from the crowd and bring real added value to our customers. In addition to well-known brands, Neschen Coating supports
new and innovative companies and products to establish themselves in the market and to grow quickly.

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Whether it’s incision films for the medical sector, release liners or mounting films – coating technologies made by Neschen are used for countless applications. Besides offering a large portfolio of products, Neschen also develops bespoke patterned coatings and other high-perfomance coatings that reduce our customers‘ material costs and production time as well as conserve resources.

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Our team of experts custom designs products with scientific approaches for solutions that meet the demands of your application. 

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We think outside the
box and develop individual procesesses and products to ensure your business success.

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Where others surrender, we will keep working
until we can deliver a solution that meets your demands.






In addition to our already established products, we continuously open up new markets and develop efficient solutions together with our customers.

In doing so, we always focus on both qualitative and economic aspects. Our customers benefit from decades of experience in the development and adaptation of adhesive formulations.
Neschen Coating is your flexible and competent partner in the field of tailor-made film coatings and adhesive technologies.