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Designed by Neschen, manufactured in Europe: Neschen Coating GmbH has been offering professional high-quality laminators since 1974. They impress with their comfortable and easy handling and outstanding application results. From entry-level machines to multifunctional expert laminators, the compact, sturdy design show cases the quality our laminating machines are made of. With features like a light barrier, Neschen laminators are extremely safe to operate.

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In coordination with customers worldwide, Neschen developed laminators that are customised to meet the demands of the industry. Ranging from excellent handling to reliable safety features, our laminating machines are not only comfortable to work with but create exceptional results.
Neschen laminators are equipped with technically sophisticated roller systems, creating a maximum of contact pressure.
Best of all: Regular maintenance can be carried out by the user himself. This makes our customers more independent and saves time and money. Should difficulties nevertheless arise, an experienced team of technicians is available.

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Not just built for our customers, but with our customers. During the concept phase we were in constant dialogue with customersworldwide:
intensely coordinated the design together
with our customers worldwide.
Our goal: to build a machine which is both, technologically advanced but comfortable to work with.

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A superior laminator for any application

PROFESSIONAL HOT AND COLD LAMINATORS: The laminators ColdLam 1650, HotLam 1650 TH, HotLam 1650 DoubleH and EcoLam 1650 are the epitome of professional, flexible and reliable laminating machines. They impress with their ease of operation and excellent work results.
A practical auto grip material holder ensures a user-friendly way of setting up a wide range of media.


Discover some of our best: This is only a small overview of some of our high-quality laminators. For more information or to receive a free consultion, please contact our experts. We are happy to assist you in finding a laminating machine that is best suited to your needs.


HotLam 1650 DoubleH
The all-rounder for demanding heated applications: With its maximum processing speed, this model is an excellent choice for expert professionals. The HotLam 1650 DoubleH offers a longitudinal cutting solution for portruding media. This laminator also features two pairs of main rollers for changing between heated and cold applications without any waiting period. This laminator is equipped with seven unwind and rewind shafts, allowing fast processing of a variety of applications.

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HotLam 1650 TH
The perfect model for entry-level and expert users alike:
Due to variable pressure and speed settings, the Neschen HotLam 1650 TH laminator is suited for both beginners and expert users who are looking for a particularly powerful laminator. Always excellent results: The Neschen HotLam 1650 TH laminator features a sophisticated roller system with a maximum of contact pressure.The ergonomic control panel is easy to operate.

ColdLam 1650
An excellent entry-level choice for basic applications: The ColdLam 1650
is ideal for mounting and laminating self-adhesive media and films measuring up to 1650 mm in width. This laminator has a heated top roller (max 70°C), ideal for processing a wide range of materials.


The In-feed table with integrated pull-out trough ensures easy feeding of large-format media. Practical: Thanks to the easy-output table and the control panel being positioned at the back, this laminator guarantees an especially comfortable way of working, providing free range of motion. Discover a laminator with easy handling and top working results.

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Find out more about the advantages of Neschen laminators in this video about Neschen ColdLam 1650! 

Neschen Laminators

The first Neschen laminator K600 was presented at Photokina in 1974. We are continuing this success story now.
Neschen laminators are back and better than ever before: Designed by Neschen, produced in Europe with additional benefits for our customers worldwide.
The Neschen ColdLam 1650, HotLam 1650 TH, HotLam 1650 DoubleH and EcoLam 1650 are five all-rounders for every application.