Surgical films –
perfect performance when it matters

When it comes to developing solutions for the medical field, Neschen Coating offers a variety of customisable adhesive films. Our incision films are available in sheets or rolls, in sizes tailored to your requirements. Additionally, Neschen is able to povide customisations such as finger lifts, cling films, perforations and colour-customisation (e.g. of finger lifts).


Incision films 
Anti-microbacterial incision films
Individual customisations, such as
cling films, finger lifts,
Coloured finger lifts and perforation

Developed by experts for experts

Neschen surgical films have
an excellent performance.
Despite their robust, tear-resistant
properties, they are highly elastic and breathable.

  • Testet accoding to EN ISO
    10993-1 DIRECTIVE 93/42/EC
  • exceptional adhesive properties
  • non-reflective surface
  • skin-friendly, breathable
  • highly elastic with ideal conformability
  • durable, puncture-resistant, tear-proof
  • breathable
  • waterproof
  • latex-free
  • easily removable

Incision films made by experts

The strong increase in resistant virus and bacterial strains requires a high level of precautionary measures during surgeries. It is paramount to prevent that surgical wounds are infected by contaminants, such as the patient’s sweat. For this purpose, Neschen Coating developed surgical films that are able to transport and diffuse sweat upwards – without impairing the film’s adhesive strenght. The medically tested polyacrylate adhesive developed by Neschen in combination with the water vapour permeable polyurethane film meet these demands perfectly. Incision films by Neschen Coating are tested according to EN ISO 10993-1 and are therefore suitable for versatile surgical procedures such as knee or eye operations. With their exceptional adhesive properties, our surgical films offer a reliable and outstanding performance.


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