Custom coatings


Discover how Neschen has become one of the leading experts in the development of adhesive coatings. Whether you are looking for pattern-coated adhesives, ink-receptive coatings or functional lacquer coatings, Neschen’s product portfolio includes a suitable solution for your project.
These coatings can be applied in patterns, customised to our customers‘ specifications. Our customised adhesive solutions allow our clients not only to reduce their manufacturing time and costs but also to save resources.



Discover innovative adhesive coatings
made by Neschen

In addition to the development of innovative self-adhesive and patterned
coatings, we offer clients additional customisations.


  • moisture barriers
  • antibacterial properties
  • temperature reactive coatings
  • "pressure-sensitive adhesives"
  • your individual solution

Benefit from decades of experience in the development and adaptation of adhesive formulations. With our water-based adhesive systems, we coat films, papers or textiles with permanent or reversible adhesives.
Depending on the application area of the product, we can offer you full-surface coatings or zone coatings tailored to your project. Our portfolio in the development of pattern coatings includes Neschen’s own easy dot® adhesive technology. The innovative spot adhesive coating provides a perfect bond and guarantees a bubble-free application. This product can even withstand fluctuations in humidity and can be removed without leaving any residue. In regards to custom finishes, Neschen also offers breathable films for the medical field that are suited for direct skin contact.


From label protection and step protection films to self-adhesive films for furniture  ̶  Neschen products protect a variety of surfaces. Whatever challenges your project may pose, our team of experts will develop a solution tailored to your requirements.


User-friendly, cost-reducing and high-quality products: In this area,
Neschen develops powerful solutions that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Our innovative adhesive formulas are suited for bonding various materials. Whether as a screw replacement or as a time-saving alternative to welding, riveting or soldering — Neschen develops reliable solutions that optimise production processes. Our adhesive films are also used as composite films or as transfer films for textile manufacturing.
Our siliconized films meet the highest standards. Neschen Coating individually manufactured products meet a wide range of requirements for industrial applications. They are used, for example, like masking paper for self-adhesive products, as release films or release paper and as process liners.
From the private label version to customized silicone formulations  ̶  you can rely on our team of experts.