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Neschen contract coating


Discover the latest innovations in contract coatings, developed to meet the high demands of the coating market of today and tomorrow. With more than 40 years of experience in customised industrial coatings, Neschen Coating will develop a solution tailored to meet even the most detailed demands of your application, with our team of experts always working in close cooperation with you. Toll manufacturing or contract manufacturing: Whether you prefer delivering the raw material or want to take advantage of our sourced solutions — we do what works best for you. All stages are implemented and approved in close cooperation with our clients



Range of services

Contract coating

  • various coating heads for coating processes according to your requirements
  • a selection of coating compounds / adhesive systems: water-based dispersions
  • Working widths from 914 mm to 2000 mm
  • Corona pre-treatment
  •  Inkjet coating
  • Manufacture for short rolls up to 2m
  • Contract coating from approx. 6000 linear metres possible



Contract coating by NESCHEN – contract coating solutions you can count on

NESCHEN offers an advanced coating facility that fulfils the highest demands of  the coating market. With more than
40 years experience in coating sheet materials and a state-of-the-art production facility, Neschen Coating has
the capacity, resources and technical expertise to
handle the requirements of your application.




Are you looking for solutions to optimise your production processes? Discover why Neschen Coating is your competent partner.
Benefit from solution-oriented processes and products: Our team of experts will implement even the most complex
specifications to meet your project’s needs.

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Patterned coatings and more...

Discover how Neschen has become one of the leading experts in the development of adhesive coatings.
Whether you are looking for pattern-coated adhesives, ink-receptive coatings or functional lacquer coatings,
Neschen’s product portfolio includes a suitable solution for your project. Our customised adhesive solutions allow our clients not only to reduce their manufacturing
time and costs but also to save resources.


Discover our custom solutions:

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