Modern self-adhesive media and
high-quality coating solutions

Neschen Coating GmbH is a leading international company for self-adhesive films, modern self-adhesive media and high-quality coating solutions for a variety of applications: ranging from industrial coatings, graphic media solutions as well as book protection and repair films.
Neschen Coating has a worldwide sales network.


Custom adhesive solutions for Industrial Applications

In the Industrial Applications division, Neschen offers industrial customers from all sectors highly individual solutions. Neschen Coating stands out through its custom-made products, which are developed by a team of experts in the in-house research and development department. This enables the company to respond even to the most complex customer requirements. These range from surface finishings in automotive manufacturing to self-adhesive films for the electronics industry or incision films for the medical field. A speciality of Neschen Coating GmbH are functional lacquers and other high-performance functional coatings as well as pattern coatings of adhesives. These can be be structured in almost any desired shape. Neschen’s custom coatings enable customers to reduce their production costs and time as well as to conserve resources. Neschen is also one of few manufacturers that offer production in small batch sizes. Siliconised papers and high-quality laminators are also part of Neschen’s Industrial Applications division.




We focus on a customer-oriented approach. We constantly strive to create added value for our customers for both manufacturing our products and sales.

What does the market need? What can we do better, faster and more efficient that will benefit our customers? The complete NESCHEN staff is dealing with these issues.
Customer orientation is our highest priority.




Printable self-adhesive media for the graphics industry

The product range in Neschen’s Graphics division ranges from finishing, protective and mounting films to printable media that can be used with state-of-the-art digital printing technologies. Furthermore, the Graphics business unit also includes high-performance laminators.

Self-adhesive films and tapes for book protection and repair

Neschen’s Documents division includes self-adhesive films and papers for the protection, repair and care of books. Neschen also supplies libraries, archives and museums with the tools and equipment neccessary for application. Many of the products in this range are also used for mounting and protecting paintings and photographs.

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Quality first



Neschen maintains a certified quality management system. This system ensures that workflows and product quality are continuously monitored and improved.



Neschen Coating GmbH is a subsidiary of BLUE CAP AG. BLUE CAP AG is a listed industrial holding company based in Munich. For more than 10 years, BLUE CAP has been successfully investing in medium-sized, technology-driven niche companies. BLUE CAP is not only a financial investor, but also an operational partner of NESCHEN. BLUE CAP is currently invested in the adhesive, special mechanical engineering, precious metals trading and medical and metrology technology industries.